Back by popular demand

Ok whos kinding everyone who probably read my LJ no longer gives two shits about this site.  However, seeings as I am so far away from everyone I am finding that I have some spare time to put my complaints, blatherings, and opinions to web paper.  So stay tuned I hope to continue what I started and maybe add some new pictures!!!!

5 Years Later

5 years and it seems that America has so easily forgotten what happened on that fateful September 11th.  Never forget those how gave their all and paid the ultimate price.  Never forget what happened, why it happened, and what it has done to our country as a result.   9/11 never forget.

Word to the Wise

...If you ever have the bright idea of hanging Ikea shelving on a wall in the hopes of storing movies/books/cd's/ or any other misc.  plan out ahead of time how you will hang them and the long term effects on the wall you hang them on.  Because I assure you, three years later when you pull them off the wall in an attempt to make your room look bigger you will find that the wall looks like hell.  Also, you will need to spend two hours spakling and another three hours priming and painting the wall.

..Just a side note though..

A Cheap Thrill

Wow...I just found eight bucks in my pocket...I can't believe I was this happy to find such a small amount of money...I literally have diet teas for the week because of it.  At this moment I'm preparing for a very busy week and a half at work, the next four days I'll be working a little over 60 hours... :) :) :)  So I guess this investment called work might actually pay-off after all.  Anyways, I hope to be completely burnt out after this week and then I head up to MU. :) And get to spend a month with my love.

Off into the sunset

So I haven't posted in awhile...what else is new.  Not like many people read my posts.  Anyways, alot has happened ove rthe course of the past few days.  However, the most notable is my re-introduction to the ocean.  The shore was awesome, I enjoyed every minute of it and even felt like a little kid again (I got to fall asleep in a bunk bed with shark sheets!), anyways after meeting Mer's dad and step-mom we went various places, places that included the beach, stone harbor, a little mexican place, and oh yeah the beach.  To end it all I got to drive home (which was a hell of alot better then the drive out) with my love by my side and me and her heading into the sunset.  After a "interesting" drive home, we went to wegman's and then I drove Mer home, althought it pained me to leave her I was glad to get the drive home out of the way then instead of the next day.  And to reward me for making that sacrafice I got to follow a half full very red moon all the way home...the perfect end to a near perfect weekend (a car show would'a been nice).  Now to get back to work and reality, and hopefully keep my sanity during all of it.  Good night..

Just Because..

It pains me to know that we haven't seen each other in so long.

It pains me to know that you are sick and all alone.

It pains me to know that you have nothing to do and no one to talk to.

It pains me most of all that I can't be there right now to hold you in my arms and just whisper in your ear that I love you and that you will feel better soon.
It pains me to know that I haven't seen your smile or seen you for so long.
It pains me to know that although it feels like a long time, that its only been about a week.
It pains me to know that I miss you so much and that I wish nothing more then to be with you at this moment.

I love you so much and wish that I could be holding you in my arms now and forever, I only wish that it didn't hurt so much to not see, but its only a reminder of how much you mean to me and how much I love you.

I love you and will see you on Thursday, have fun at work and please cheer up, cause your gonna feel better and your gonna be holding my hand on a moonlit beach soon enough.


(no subject)

I wish I had more money, then I wouldn't be such a bitch.  I hate having to pay out more then you make.  You can pull money out of your ass for only so long before it starts to look brown and shitty.

(no subject)

I want school to start again, I'm sick of my shitty room, my shitty car, my shitty job, and this shitty town.  I can't escape any of it, I have little money and too much going on in my head, I want to be back in school were things are easier and simpler for me.

(no subject)

I got fuckin douche bagged tonight, aside from a kick ass movie I feel like I have/was treated like shit.  I was ditched before going to the movie by my "friends" and when I said I was pretty incapable of getting to the theater, being the great group of people they are they told me in a round about way to deal with it and it wasn't their problem.  So I bust my ass to get to KOP for the movie and end up sitting outside for two hours because for some unknown reason we just had to be at the theater at  Fine whatever...see the movie, it's good,.  I relunctantly agree to go to Drew's to hang out with everyone (Drew kinda hitched a ride off of me, I figure were all goin to his place why not.)  I literally pull up in front of Drew's house and they call to inform us that they're all going home for the night....I'm going to bed.

Fuck you all....seriously.